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The Art of Making and Posting Viral Videos for Marketing Purposes

by Geromme Talampas - 24 January 2017

Viral marketing, per digital marketing geniuses and search engine optimization hero, has become one of the strongest and most effective components of digital marketing in the past several years. Many ad campaigns have gained popularity on the net because of their catchy, funny, dramatic, action-packed, and straight outrageous concepts. This is online marketing at its […]

Working with a Digital Marketing Firm: Qualities to Look For

by Geromme Talampas - 23 January 2017

As a business owner, you have to realize that advertising is a complex activity that does not only involve posting ads online and airing television and radio commercials. There is science and psychology involved in even the most basic types of advertisement. Simply put, if you don’t have formal background in advertising, it is best […]

How the Services of Digital Marketers Can Help Your Business Prosper

by Geromme Talampas - 23 January 2017

One of the struggles of a new brand is to let its target consumers know that its products exist. It is already difficult competing with more established brands, much more focusing on advertising your new brand. This is when hiring an advertising agency becomes handy and a necessity. An ad agency should know how to […]

SEO Hero – The SEO Industry for Providing Job Opportunities

by Geromme Talampas - 23 January 2017

They said search engine optimization (SEO) is about to die. But they were wrong, dead wrong. The reality is that the opposite is happening – it continues to thrive and revolutionize the internet marketing industry. The SEO industry, according to reports, is a multi-billion industry, and it continues to grow exponentially as years progress. With this, it […]

7 Social Media Sites for Your Business

by Marco Foronda - 23 January 2017

One of the most common business dilemmas is figuring out where to start with social media marketing. There are lots of amazing things a business can do to create benefits from the social web — customer service, business intelligence and creating awareness to name a few. Social media networks are incredible resources for businesses of […]

5 PPC Trends in 2016 for Online Marketers

by Marco Foronda - 23 January 2017

This 2016, a lot of trends about online marketing such as PPC have surfaced including strategies for content marketing and social media. One of the most important trends this year is the rise of video and mobile that features online advertising. Each year, new hardware, new software, new companies, and new user preferences dictate a […]

5 Top 2016 Social Media Trends for Business

by Marco Foronda - 23 January 2017

Social media marketing has always been an evolving trend over the years. Today, it is considered as an era with rock-solid platforms, useful advertising options, and plenty of free opportunities to make our content public. Its world changes quickly, with dozens of new platforms arriving each year and most existing companies scrambling to stay ahead […]

5 Content Marketing Trends for 2016 That You Should Follow

by Marco Foronda - 23 January 2017

Content marketing has been a vital part for SEO strategies among online brand marketers. It appears that it contains a mix of new trends along with the continuation of some trends that began in 2015. It has a fair share of ups and downs over the years. In the last few years, it gained its […]

5 Basic Guide Steps for Creating Content Marketing Plan

by Marco Foronda - 23 January 2017

Gone are the days when search engine optimization was enough to land your website onto Google’s good graces. Now you must to add content marketing to your arsenal of digital marketing tool if you want to gain search engines’ approval and ultimately win the heart of online users. Most businesses are now using content marketing […]

7 Effective Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

by Marco Foronda - 23 January 2017

Marketing constantly adjusts and reacts to changes in technology and attitudes. While digital marketing has undergone a substantial transformation in the last few years, the technology that incited the changes is growing at a faster pace than most brands can keep up with. Below are the digital marketing trends that help in growing traffic and […]

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