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7 Social Media Sites for Your Business

by Marco Foronda - 26 February 2016

One of the most common business dilemmas is figuring out where to start with social media marketing. There are lots of amazing things a business can do to create benefits from the social web — customer service, business intelligence and creating awareness to name a few. Social media networks are incredible resources for businesses of […]

5 Top 2016 Social Media Trends for Business

by Marco Foronda - 29 January 2016

Social media marketing has always been an evolving trend over the years. Today, it is considered as an era with rock-solid platforms, useful advertising options, and plenty of free opportunities to make our content public. Its world changes quickly, with dozens of new platforms arriving each year and most existing companies scrambling to stay ahead […]

7 Reasons Why Social Media is Good For Business

by Marco Foronda - 29 January 2016

Social media has been helpful in our personal lives, keeping in touch with old friends and staying connected with the family. It also helps in knowing other people and eventually expand our horizon. However, social media is not only for personal use. These days, social media has a big role on businesses. Social media marketing […]

7 Reasons to Use Tumblr for Blogging

by Marco Foronda - 29 January 2016

Among the giant blogging platform in the internet are WordPress and Blogspot. However, there’s this one social media site that can help people to blog and gain larger audience, followers and readers too. You can write a blog on it, or if you’re just too lazy to write, only post a picture. Yes, they are […]

How to Use Instagram Wisely On Business

by Marco Foronda - 29 January 2016

The ever evolving technology today is the mastermind for the birth of Instagram. Instagram is an online photo and video-sharing service which let the users snap photos and videos then add creative filter and share it to the followers. Photos and videos are not only shared via Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter. This […]

Social Media Etiquette: Set of Rules When Engaging in Social Networking Sites

by Marco Foronda - 29 January 2016

Nowadays, a lot of media personalities and businesses are frequently using social media – both for professional purposes and personal needs – and it is even better if they know how to use it with respect and etiquette. There are some conventional rules to follow in using the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook […]

Content is King: Mistakes Content Marketers Must Avoid

by Geromme Talampas - 29 January 2016

Content is King: Mistakes Content Marketers Must Avoid It was Bill Gates who said that “content is king.” Plain and simple: content makes the world of marketing revolve and evolve. Gates expounded this catchphrase with “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in […]