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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the New Thing 

Advertising and marketing your business does not confine in the three major medium; television, radio, and print. These days, business owners seek help form professionals to make their products and services strongly visible online. Along with the boom of internet marketing, mobile marketing is also gradually joining the bandwagon of powerful marketing tools of today’s generation.

Mobile Marketing is define as a marketing tool that uses mobile devices like smartphone. Marketing professor Andreas Kaplan said that mobile marketing is categorized into three definitions: mobile devices are form of marketing communication, it’s the distribution of promotional or advertising messages to customers via wireless networks, uses interactive wireless media in providing customized information promoting goods, ideas and service.

A mobile marketing strategy for your business is important because major places at this day and age have more people glued and dependable to their smartphone screens.

Recent study revealed that around 40 percent of 878 million mobile users around the world are spending their internet time using their mobile devices. In fact, it surpasses the number of desktop users in 2014. This is the fact that you must not ignore.

Why Use Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing helps to create brand awareness by providing personalized messages and services for the users. It helps in increasing the ROI and sales by incorporating a creative mobile marketing campaign.

The campaign runs from smartphone to tablet to laptop, which allows the client to send highly relevant messages. Using SMS and MMS templates, goods and services are easily distributed real-time and allows customer engagement.

In this strategy, it combines the traditional search, device detection, and mobile search to help client’s business achieve the visibility across all mobile platforms. It develops mobile experience which represent the brand of client and offer only the best messages tailored to consumers’ needs at exactly the right time and place using targeted geographic technology.

Apart from SMS and MMS messages, mobile marketing also engages in creating mobile apps suitable for different operating system like Android and iOS. Mobile apps are good way to reach out target audience because there have been millions of Android and iOS users across the globe.