Insta-poll to boost your business

Just when you thought Instagram stories had all the features you needed to complement your feed they had to throw something new into the mix.


Existing Instagram story features include emojis, text, a writing tool, rewind recording, boomerang and filters to name a few.


And now there is a poll option, simply snap your Insta story, selection the poll editing option and ask your question to your entire Instagram audience. Simply post your story and wait for the responses to roll in with both you and your audience able to view responses in real-time.




If you’re just the average Instagram user then you may not have any pressing questions to ask your following but for social media influencers and brands this could prove extremely useful.


This new poll features provides an opportunity for brands to connect with their audience and receive their feedback in a fast and accessible way, potentially having the ability to bypass tedious and annoying consumer surveys.


For example, if you owned a local café and cannot decide on a new menu item, post a poll on your Instagram story. That way you’re getting real and honest feedback from your audience rather than relying on guesses.


The poll feature isn’t the only update that Instagram has rolled out either. A new centring feature has also been added to Instagram stories, which allows emojis and writing to be aligned evenly with a grid-like guide.


Start experimenting with these new features and see where it can take your business!

Top 3 mistakes marketers make when investing in influencers

 The rise of the ‘influencer’ has been significant in the past few years as bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers are becoming increasingly popular vehicles for brand advertisement. These influencers are not models or actors but rather everyday people who have gained a following on their respective platform based on specialised skills or expertise knowledge.


Influencers have become popular amongst brands as they are able to both promote a brand and create their own content, therefore reducing costs of hiring a third party photographer, editor and advertisement team.


It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and assume that all brands will benefit from a social media influencer. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top mistakes that marketers make when making this investment.



  1. Being fooled by the follower count/reach


Many marketers fail to understand that a large follower count does not necessarily translate to a large influence. Due to the financial benefits that influencers can gain, many social media users have falsely inflated their following count in order to cash-in on this new occupation.


To prevent being fooled by this, observe the follower to likes/engagement ratio. A large follower count but minimal audience engagement indicates a false and inflated reach. Therefore this particular influencer is not a sound investment, as they cannot provide appropriate advertisement for your brand.



  1. Not understanding the market


As mentioned earlier, influencers gain popularity through a certain skillset or niche, this means that not all influencers are created equal. Be aware of the different target audiences that influencers cater to and from this, make an informed decision.


For example, you would not employ a luxury brand influencer to promote a mid to low price range brand. This is because the influencer does not have the reach for this particular target market, not because of the brand itself, therefore rendering a potential investment ineffective.



  1. Working without the influencer


Many marketers and brands are under the impression that providing a script for their influencers is the most effective form of advertisement, however, this can prove to be detrimental.


Influencers are not a traditional advertising platform. As a result the marketing approach should not be traditional. Rather than providing your influencer with an exact script in which they are to follow, instead provide a guide or checklist of advertising points you wish to cover.


The popularity of influencers as marketing tools largely stems from their ability to relate to the audience, this relationship can be damaged from obvious and direct advertisement techniques.


Another mistake is the opposite of the spectrum. Do not allow your influencer too much creative freedom as this can result in important brand messages being miscommunicated.



Influencers are a useful marketing tool and can result in excellent returns on investment. Before you take this plunge, make sure that you and your business are aware of mistakes and pitfalls that can prove damaging to your success.







Written by Katreena Pevec


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