Tweet your heart out

There’s no better feeling than venting your frustration to the world but sometimes that Twitter character limit can really get you down. Sometimes expressing your morning commute annoyance or the latest political fiasco can be difficult with only 140 letters or symbol. You’re not the only one.


While Twitter’s stance was that a character limit encouraged users to be more creative with their posts they seem to be singing a new song. The Twitter character limit has officially been doubled to a whopping 280 characters following a test that was run September this year.


The first few days of the test saw users taking advantage of the extra space to write 280 character-long Tweets, however, this eventually slowed down with most Tweets returning to the 140 character or less length. So get too concerned with reading overly long rants, with only 5% of Tweets actually being longer than the previous 140 limit.


What Twitter did find however, was that there was greater engagement with this added wiggle room with increased mentions, like and retweets. People were also spending more time on Twitter with during the test as a result of the greater character length.


Get your fingers ready because there’s so much to say but so little time!

Snapchat loses its snapstreak

When Snapchat became public earlier this year, they closed the market 44% higher than their initial IPO of $17 to $24.48 but it appears that this high hasn’t lasted very long for Snap Inc. It’s now 8 months since their successful breakout onto the markets and things seem to have gone downhill.


Snap Inc. has released their Q3 report recorded only 4.5 million new users to their existing 178 million existing users. Financial expectations also fell short with earnings of $207.9m against the predicted $237m Q3 earnings.


To combat these dismal figures Evan Spiegel has launched an entire redesign campaign to make Snapchat more competitive against the currently dominating Instagram and its 300 million users. Spiegel hopes to address user concerns that Snapchat is too difficult or complicated to use to gain new users to their lagging base.


It doesn’t stop with an easier to use platform, Spiegel has also announced that algorithmically personalised stories feed, which provides more personalised content for users. “We hope that showing the right Stories to the right audience will help grow engagement and monetization for our partners and for Snapchat”, Spiegel explains.


With optimistic predictions for the fourth quarter only time will tell if this game pays off.

The Snap streak of Wall Street

 Forget Jordan Belfort! Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy have finally arrived. The co-founders of the popular app Snapchat have finally made their company public by placing it on the New York Stock Exchange.


Snapchat is the biggest tech company to register their business on the stock exchange and so far, there are no regrets. The company’s initial public offering (IPO) was set at $17 a share, however it didn’t stay this way for long. By the end of the trading day, the company’s shares were valued at $24.48, an increase of 44%.


There is a debate occurring amongst analysts as to whether or not the Snap (the parents company of Snapchat) shares are overvalued. Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group has estimated the shares to be worth $10 opposed to the current $24.48.


It seems as though tech companies are becoming an increasingly popular investment after the likes of Facebook and Twitter, or even the era of the Apple boom. The public is recognising a trend and realising the value of these industries. This time, no one wants to be left out in the cold.


The nature of the stock market is fickle and with many other social media platforms attempting to emulate the ephemeral nature of Snapchat, could this signal the inflation that Wieser suggests? Or does this mean that Snapchat is still leading the way, being the first innovators of the platform they have pioneered?

Top 3 mistakes marketers make when investing in influencers

 The rise of the ‘influencer’ has been significant in the past few years as bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers are becoming increasingly popular vehicles for brand advertisement. These influencers are not models or actors but rather everyday people who have gained a following on their respective platform based on specialised skills or expertise knowledge.


Influencers have become popular amongst brands as they are able to both promote a brand and create their own content, therefore reducing costs of hiring a third party photographer, editor and advertisement team.


It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and assume that all brands will benefit from a social media influencer. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top mistakes that marketers make when making this investment.



  1. Being fooled by the follower count/reach


Many marketers fail to understand that a large follower count does not necessarily translate to a large influence. Due to the financial benefits that influencers can gain, many social media users have falsely inflated their following count in order to cash-in on this new occupation.


To prevent being fooled by this, observe the follower to likes/engagement ratio. A large follower count but minimal audience engagement indicates a false and inflated reach. Therefore this particular influencer is not a sound investment, as they cannot provide appropriate advertisement for your brand.



  1. Not understanding the market


As mentioned earlier, influencers gain popularity through a certain skillset or niche, this means that not all influencers are created equal. Be aware of the different target audiences that influencers cater to and from this, make an informed decision.


For example, you would not employ a luxury brand influencer to promote a mid to low price range brand. This is because the influencer does not have the reach for this particular target market, not because of the brand itself, therefore rendering a potential investment ineffective.



  1. Working without the influencer


Many marketers and brands are under the impression that providing a script for their influencers is the most effective form of advertisement, however, this can prove to be detrimental.


Influencers are not a traditional advertising platform. As a result the marketing approach should not be traditional. Rather than providing your influencer with an exact script in which they are to follow, instead provide a guide or checklist of advertising points you wish to cover.


The popularity of influencers as marketing tools largely stems from their ability to relate to the audience, this relationship can be damaged from obvious and direct advertisement techniques.


Another mistake is the opposite of the spectrum. Do not allow your influencer too much creative freedom as this can result in important brand messages being miscommunicated.



Influencers are a useful marketing tool and can result in excellent returns on investment. Before you take this plunge, make sure that you and your business are aware of mistakes and pitfalls that can prove damaging to your success.







Written by Katreena Pevec

What to expect when you’re not expecting: SEO Edition 2017

Top SEO predictions of 2017

Whether you love it or hate it, SEO is one of those things that will keep changing – for some it keeps life interesting and for others it’s a struggle to stay ahead. There are constant updates, developments and new trends.


Of course there are the usuals, user experience, mobile use and updates but in an attempt to get ahead for the New Year, we’re going to run you through a few of 2017 SEO predictions that are a bit outside the box.


  1. SEO is far from being over…


Okay, so this one isn’t the mind blowing or head scratching prediction you expected but it’s an important one to start with. Over the past few years, there are always sceptics who declare that the industry is dwindling and every year it is nowhere close to happening. This is because every year that passes, technology and the digital world become more important and more complex.


We’ve covered a few statistics last year that highlighted the growth of e-commerce and the significance this holds for businesses and their SEO rankings. This is just one trend of many that requires professional and specialised SEO to get the best and most competitive results possible.



  1. A Google crackdown is on the way


Because of the rise of the SEO and digital-sphere, there are more and more people utilising SEO, whether it is self-taught or through an agency. Sometimes, users intentionally or not use techniques that incur penalties.


From the looks of things, the crackdown has only begun. There is no doubt that Google will be enforcing more stringent criteria to ensure the quality of content on the search engine.


The best way to avoid the wrath of Google is to invest in an ethical and experienced SEO agency such as SEO Premier to ensure that all industry guidelines are being adhered to and that your site avoids potentially long-term setbacks from penalties.


  1. Algorithims


We’ve already seen changes to the Google algorithms in the past year from the wonderful Penguin update to Panda becoming a core rank algorithm. The next year shouldn’t be any different with more developments to come. This is especially true considering the growth of SEO and the digital sphere, meaning there will be more aspects to improve and refine.







A huge 71% intend to increase digital spend


New year, new you, new budget. Not only is the New Year a chance to start that new hobby or lose that 2kg but it is also an opportunity to reboot and re-evaluate your business. Whether it’s a new workspace or investing in endeavours that will benefit your business both long and short term, it’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh. And this is exactly what people intend to do. A recent survey has indicated that 71% of individuals wish to increase their digital spend, while only 14% wish to spend less and 15% intend to maintain their current expenditure.


Because the digital sphere is so broad, it can sometimes be difficult to choose which branches of the industry to specifically invest in. Some of our top picks for the biggest digital activities to invest in for 2017 include:


  1. Social Media Marketing


Social media is one of those platforms that continue to grow, change and develop as they become more and more popular.


Each social media network are developing their own twist on ephemeral content, live video and of course the traditional images and posts have not been forgotten either.


It is no longer enough to have a social media account but to actively engage and make use of this medium, so it’s definitely worth the investment this year.


  1. SEO


SEO is one of digital tools that you will need regardless of annual trends because until search engines are rivalled by another source, your rankings have a large impact on your business.


Use SEO to increase traffic to your site, not only for brand awareness but also to increase e-commerce. It’s important to note that SEO is best invested outside your business, in an experience agency to avoid penalties that can incur from lack of knowledge and understanding of the process.


  1. Content Marketing


Content material is an excellent way to showcase your knowledge and expertise within your industry. It also provides the opportunity to boost your online presence, which as you would know is a critical aspect of owning a business within this technological age.


Content includes anything from the content on your website, well-written blogs, lifestyle posts graphics and even guides. It’s easy to assume that because you have the knowledge needed for your content, that you are able to do this yourself, however, this is not always the case.


Using an agency such as SEO Premier to professionally write your content for you ensures that your content marketing is superbly written in a manner that is both engaging and easy to understand.


Content is only valuable if it can be consumed by the traffic on your site.






Written by Katreena Pevec


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