Yahoo speaks out over Mozilla split  

When news broke about the Mozilla-Yahoo split late November it was clear that Mozilla’s wandering eye for Google was the reason for the premature breakup. Their subsequent press releases and statements wrote the narrative for the split with no word from Yahoo. Until now.


Unlike Mozilla, Yahoo didn’t release a statement to the press regarding their split, but they did make a statement…a huge one. Nothing quite says bitter ex like a lawsuit and that’s exactly what Yahoo did.


Yahoo’s parent company Verizon sued Mozilla earlier this week for a breach of contract. Verizon is also seeking damages for the loss of business that has resulted from the split and are demanding that Mozilla rescind the termination, which isn’t going over well.


Mozilla responded to the lawsuit with a countersuit as they claim they were within their contractual obligations to terminate their relationship and claims that Yahoo failed to retain the quality of the search engine during their years of partnership.


As of now no decisions have been made with a hearing scheduled for February but this messy breakup just goes to show that you can’t be friends with an ex.

Last minute Black Friday campaigns for your store

The shopping season is now upon us with Black Friday and Cyber Monday finally kicking off. As consumers we convince ourselves that our Black Friday splurge is in fact Christmas shopping for friends and family when in actuality, 90% of purchases are for me, myself and I.


It’s a different story for retailers though with spending expected to increase 47% this year, making competition for online and brick-and-mortar stores tough with store vying for retailer attention. While some outlets have begun their Black Friday sales early with a Black Friday week, it still isn’t too late to make some last minute adjustments to your online campaign.


So, with only a few moments to spare what are your Black Friday options?




Starting an SEO campaign for Black Friday at this stage would be entirely wasteful and pointless as most SEO campaigns are built over weeks and months. However, you could start an AdWords campaign that charges by CPC using keywords such as cheap, sale, black Friday, discount or any other variations.




If your brand has not advertised your sales on social media that get cracking! Many users are actively looking for Black Friday sales so post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to notify your audience of what discounts are available to them and for what period.



Direct traffic to your site with refreshed content or additional blog posts which can then be shared by social media platforms. Content relating to sales or even a shopping/gift guide are all useful to consumers that are looking for what kind of presents to buy for others.


Black Friday is upon so ready, set, GO!

Post it with Google

Google post, a feature that was recently introduced in late 2016 is now officially available to all small businesses within select countries. For those that are not in America or Brazil where it is available, Google Post is a feature that allows users to create content directly on Google resulting in high search result rankings.

Available to those that use Google My Business (GMB), users are given the option to attach an image to their Post with a 300 word maximum description. Call to action options include learn more, buy, reserve, sign up and get offer to prompt consumers.

Posts are an easy way to advertise quick snippets of information such as daily promotions, discounts and deal but also upcoming events, top products and new arrivals. Google are hoping that making Posts more available will provide businesses with the opportunity to reach new and existing clients.

While Posts does not have a specific industry target businesses such as cafes and restaurants could particularly benefit due to ability to promote daily meal specials or seasonal events.

There is currently no data measuring the success of Posts but there is no doubt that should they prove successful we will soon start seeing it roll out internationally.

Instagram throws paid posts into the spotlight

Social media marketing is crucial to almost any business, whether it’s advertisement or digital brand awareness. One of the most popular methods for brands to advertise on platforms such as Instagram is to use social media influencers.


Influencers are particularly effective because the format in which advertising is presented doesn’t actually look like advertising, but this makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish between sponsored and non-sponsored content.


While Instagram and even government bodies have already established guidelines and regulations that require individuals to disclose sponsorship/paid advertising, this doesn’t always happen. Instagram influencers often use evasive language or inconspicuously disclose their sponsorship.


In a move to protect consumers further, Instagram is currently trialling a new format for paid/sponsored content that allows for greater transparency.


Below an influencers name will appear a banner that disclaims the post is sponsored as well as who the sponsor is. Not only will this format benefit consumers but it also allows brands to gain performance insights of their sponsored posts as an added tool.


There is no doubt that this push for transparency has bristled some brands but it is encouraging to know that Instagram is still maintaining the interests of their consumers. The new format is to roll out in the next few weeks and it will be interesting which brands and influencers decide to adopt to this change.

Siri-ous news for Siri  


Siri has long been the market leader for voice command technologies from when it first appeared on iPhones but this may no longer be the case. With devices such as personal assistants becoming increasingly popular, so is the importance of developing voice command.


Not only have voice-controlled devices become more popular but also their manufacturers have become more varied with Google Home and Amazon Echo. Apple has now released their version of a digital personal assistant, the HomePod Speaker, lagging three years behind the Amazon Echo.


This three-year delay may have lead to Siri falling behind amongst competition but there are speculations that management changes, unambitious goals and continually changing strategies have all contributed to Siri’s lagging status in voice command.


With voice search being identified as one of the leading technological opportunities of the next decade, the race is more frantic and tougher than ever. But tech companies aren’t the only ones that should be considering the implications of voice command.


As digital personal assistants become more popular and available, so will the rise do voice command searches, presenting an opportunity for SEO practitioners to develop unique voice command strategies to boost their rankings.


The dawn of voice command devices is upon us and the competition is definitely starting to heat up.


Spring clean your e-commerce  

Sometimes an online presence isn’t enough to boost your SEO, traffic and brand awareness. A great way to maintain customer interest and increase traffic to your site is to consider e-commerce. But there is more than simply setting up an online store, we’ve compiled a list of the main factors to consider and develop when establishing your online store.




Easy navigation is important for any website but it is especially important for e-commerce. Difficult to find products and confusing layouts are the easiest way to deter potential customers from making purchase, so when developing your online store make sure that the format is clear and easy to navigate.




Category page content is usually placed at the beginning or end of a category page and provides a summary of the products sold. Most e-tailers list the brands and products offered by their business but that information is not enough for successful content. Consider information that is useful and informative for potential clients as this will improve SEO and user experience



Consumers are increasing their mobile purchases; so don’t neglect the benefits of a mobile compatible e-commerce store. Your m-commerce store should have different functions and features to the desktop. This includes AMP pages to speed up loading, larger font size for easier use and a simple, user-friendly format to maintain customer interest and reduce bounce-back rates.


Considering that more and more purchases are being made online, an e-commerce store for your business is one of the best updates that can be made. But before moving forward take into consideration the function and purposes of online shopping to get the best results possible.

Finding the SEO agency for you

Managing your own SEO and your own business at the same time can be impossible, especially at the rate that SEO is changing and developing. Investing in an SEO agency is a decision that may have short-term costs but the ultimate benefits are far more long-term. Not only will this give you time to develop your business but it also ensures that your SEO is professionally managed.


The problem is, with so many SEO agencies out there, how do you decide which is the best fit for your business? To help you make this decision we’ve listed the top three things to consider when choosing an agency.




Before researching your nearest SEO agency consider your budget first. How much would you actually like to invest in SEO? From there consider what kind of agencies are able to cater to your budget. Smaller SEO agencies are more likely to be flexible with budgeting than larger firms that work for multinational corporations.


Customer service

Look for an SEO agency that actually listens to your business goals and what you are looking to benefit from SEO services. An agency that understands, respects and assists their clients is hard to find, particularly because some SEO agencies only use SEO to reach customer goals.




Like we said before, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes that occur within the SEO sphere. Finding an agency that can provide evidence of past consistent results is a much wiser choice than unsubstantiated sales pitches. SEO is most effective when results are maintained rather than sporadically achieved.


Each SEO Agency is unique in what services and results they can offer their clients. At SEO Premier we pride ourselves in not only our ability to wield consistent SEO results but by our multiplatform approach to reaching your business goals.

Google and Facebook lag in conversions? Yelp!


When considering the digital approach for your business, two platforms are at the forefront of your mind; the search engine powerhouse Google and the social media pioneer Facebook. Both are widely used and widely known, so why wouldn’t they be your first choice?


A recent Nielsen survey commissioned by Yelp reveals that their site generates greater conversions than Google and Facebook. Out of 2,000 US participants 92% responded that they made purchases after visiting Yelp “at least sometimes, frequently or almost always.”


Yelp is an online platform that allows users to review businesses such as restaurants, shops, bars, salons, electricians or anything in between. The survey indicates that consumers that use review sites ranks Yelp to be the “most trusted, most influential and most useful” when considering their final purchasing decision.


Does this mean you abandon Google, Facebook and any other platforms you are using? Not at all, it simply means that you should be integrating Yelp into your current digital strategy. Small changes such as creating a Yelp profile make new and old customers aware of the new platform and encourage them to leave honest reviews.


While this survey was commissioned by Yelp themselves and should be taken with a grain of salt, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few proactive steps should the information be truer than expected.

The SEO flavours of the month

It is no secret that SEO is one of those industries that will never stop changing and no matter how hard you try to keep up; there is always something new around the corner. With continual Google updates, changing patterns of digital behaviours and new technology, it can be impossible to keep track of it all.


One of the easiest ways to focus on learning new SEO skills and trends is to focus on some major developments rather than getting tangled in every minute development that occurs.


We’ve rounded up some of the biggest emerging changes that are coming to SEO this year, check them out below.

SEO and content convergence

SEO and internal content (blogging) need to be used simultaneously in order to provide users with useful and relevant information that is based on data for an improved user experience. Social media also comes into play here because by making your business more active on social media platform, it boosts your visibility beyond SEO.

Prioritise mobile

Mobile searches are becoming increasingly common amongst users even exceeding desktop searches in 2016. To make the most of this emerging trend, ensure that your mobile sites are user-friendly and mobile-friendly. That means, AMP pages, easy to use format and short bursts of content.

Voice searches are on their way

With the popularity of personal assistants growing, so are the number of voice searches. While voice search is nowhere close to exceeding text search it is still an important emerging trend to adapt to for greater SEO potential. The best way to adapt your SEO strategy is to consider the way voice queries are said and to tailor your content to answer those questions.


While there are probably a few dozen new SEO trends and developments that are occurring as we speak, it’s better to master a few than haphazardly attempt them all. Happy SEOing!

The Ad Rank roll out

Honestly, it’s starting to get a bit difficult to keep up with the powerhouse that is Google. Once again the search engine has rolled out changes to the AdWords Ad Rank thresholds.


At the moment, Ad Rank determines how an ad ranks on the results page based on a calculation max CPC, expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience and the expected impact of ad extensions and other ad formats. For an ad to rank on the first page, it must meet the Ad Rank thresholds. These thresholds vary depending on country, device or whether it’s a top or bottom page ad.


With the new changes, Ad Rank thresholds can also be calculated based on the meaning of the query (its context). The meaning of the query refers to what was searched and how it was searched, is it related to a news story? Or is it a product? Ultimately, this could lead to less Ads appearing on the search results page but provide improved Ad results for users.


The second update Google has announced is the changes to bids, which may be weigh more heavily in Ad Rank depending on the query. So, depending of the query meaning, or context, the weight of the bid is subject to change.


These changes will be in the process of rolling out until the end of May, so there may be fluctuations in your Ad Ranks until then. Whilst these updates are underway, it would be a good time to see if your business is impacted and what changes you need to make to accommodate the roll out.


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