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Outsource Your Guest Blogging to Promote Your Website

Guest blogging, also known as “guest posting”, is the practice of writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

Guest posts can be a great SEO and digital marketing tool if utilized correctly. Aside from creating an opportunity to share your insights with a vast number of online users, guest blogging also paves the way for promoting your website and increasing traffic to both parties’ blogs.

Your guest posts will appear on niche relevant websites, allowing your content to reach and engage human readers rather than machines while building visitors for your website.

Our Guest Blogging Solutions

Creating Content

Our writers spend an ample amount of time in researching and writing the content for our clients.We make sure every article is original, informative, and engaging. Most of our blog posts are interesting and educational written in a manner that is easy to read and comprehend.

Apart from creating well-written pieces of content, our writers also use a few ingredients to make it more appealing, including catchy yet relevant headlines and subheadings, interesting images, and smart placement of keywords and backlinks.

Blog Post Approval from Webmasters

Webmasters decide whether or not they are interested in publishing.
After submission, we check from time to time to see if the webmaster accepts (or rejects) the article. Usually, they notify us via e-mail. If they don’t, check the site daily to see if the article has been published. If we don’t receive a response after some time, we make sure to follow up.

If they are interested in the content, we finalize link acquisition.

Contacting Webmasters of Authoritative Blog Sites

Our team contacts the webmasters of authority or niche sites for guest post inquiries, pitching our topic ideas, and submitting our guest post article. We can reach them using their website contact forms, but in most cases, we directly interact with them via e-mail.

Researching and Finding Target Blog Sites

Our team searches for qualified authority blog sites where we can post the guest blogs. One of the most effective ways is using Google Search.

Aside from Google search, our writers also engage in social networking and signing up for guest blog post communities to find more guest blogging opportunities.
We check and measure each website using certain metrics to ensure quality and authority. Next to getting a list of prospect blogs, we scan and consider only ones with an authoritative link profile, cover the same niche, publish high-quality content, and capable of bringing targeted traffic.

Pitching the Idea of Contributing a Guest Post

Prior to submitting the content written by our team, we pitch our topic ideas first to the webmaster or site owner. We do this for two major reasons: firstly, to see if the webmaster is interested in our guest post and is willing to publish it, and secondly, to confirm if the website is currently active and entertaining guest post submissions.

In this way, we know that all of our high-quality content won’t go down the drain.

An Impeccable record of Satisfied Clients

“Go Search has help my business grow and provide a better service overall. Guest blogging was always tough for my business so we enlisted their help. Go Search’s experience in Guest Blogging really showed in how quickly and professionally they were able to take over our guest blog posting. It was effortless getting started with their team and we have been benefiting ever since!”