Gage Mendez

Social Media Specialist
Gage Mendez

My name is Gage and my role at GoSearch is Paid Social Media Specialist which means my days generally include analyzing metrics, testing datasets, optimizing campaigns and making creatives.

What’s your morning ritual to set you up for a productive day?

Drink coffee, exercise, drink coffee.

Your favourite thing about your job is…

The opportunity to work with different types of clients. This type of experience is not possible to just any type of job, having insights on how different types of business owners and leaders strategize their campaigns is a great analytic and creative visual for anyone even for non-marketers.

Where do you want to be in five years?

I would like to work on a different type of social media aside from the usual Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’d like to see how social media evolves in terms of technological limits. A future possibility is a social media strictly for AR/VR and it would be great to be one of the “marketing ads pioneers” for those to specialize in.

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a killer week at work?

I like listening to music albums. Most of the time new albums get released on Fridays, so weekends are a great time to listen to new music.

How did you get to where you are now at GOSEARCH?

I started internship as an assistant for marketing events, then quickly progressed to social media marketing given that I also have some sort of addiction to using social media so I thought why not put it into good use and studied my way through it and then eventually GoSearch opened up the opportunity and I took it.


2407 Cityland 10 Tower 2 H.V. Dela Costa Street Makati, 1227 Manila, Philippines



+63 917 891 9202

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