The top 3 SEO buzzwords of 2018

By Katreena Pevec

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With 2017 coming to a close it’s time to start looking to the New Year to make resolutions and come up with new strategies. Not just your strategy for eating healthier, getting more active or meditating but your SEO strategy as well! To get an idea of what 2018 will hold for SEO we’ve compiled a list of the top three buzzwords that will influence how you should be strategizing.


2017 has been a big year for mobile with increased searches, shopping and more, so it’s no surprise that 2018 will put mobile first. Throughout this year Google has reminded us of the impending mobile-first index that will be coming soon and it’s finally here. So get your website mobile-friendly before you fall behind.


Digital assistants are becoming more and more popular and with their features growing by the day, it seems as though they’re here to stay. Because of that, voice search is something that SEO specialists are looking at optimising, as written and speech patterns differ for search queries.


Search engines are smart and they’re only getting smarter. Platforms such as Bing have introduced AI to their search queries, with features that assist users in improving their search experience with better and cleverer results. Its only a matter of time before an AI war breaks out between search giants so keep an eye out when considering your SEO strategy. While this is definitely not an exhaustive list of everything 2018 will have to offer, there are no doubts that these SEO terms will be dominating the scene.


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