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Google is changing the way advertisers are able to control their daily AdWords budget and not many people are happy about it. Last, Wednesday Google sent out a notification email letting people know that their AdWords campaigns could automatically double the budget spend per day.


Google claims this move is to help advertisers reach their advertising goals and that the overall costs will be balanced out due to high-traffic and low-traffic days. This means, on days where there is low-traffic and your budget hasn’t been spent, the budget will roll-over to a high-traffic day that may exceed your daily budget.


While an advertiser’s monthly budget will not be impacted, meaning no additional spending really occurs, a lot of people are frustrated that they can no longer control their daily spend.


Ultimately, this move by Google could prove to benefit regular AdWords users by maximising their budgets and creating a more effective allocation of funds. There’s not doubt that people will warm up in a matter of time.


In the mean time, just sit back and enjoy the angry Tweets.