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The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank first and while that is a significant aspect of increasing reach it isn’t necessarily the most important SEO goal for your business. Generally most businesses aim to increase sales and boost their profit and ranking first on Google won’t always give you those results.


Online retailers want to invest in digital strategies that don’t just boost their rankings but also boost their sales and generate the highest returns on their SEO investment. While things like conversions, sales and phone calls are the most obvious indicators that your SEO is increasing sales there may be some that you’re missing.


Bounce-back rate is one of those Google Analytics measures that can often be forgotten when brands start increasing their rankings. But a high bounce-back rate can indicate issues within your site that are preventing you from reaching your business goals.


Consider what factors are driving your potential customers from leaving your site. Could it be difficult to navigate? Maybe it’s visually unappealing? It could even be misleading. Figuring out what is turning people away and correcting these problems could not only reduce your bounce-back rate dramatically but keep people on your site longer. Longer duration spent on your site could lead to purchases or even enquiries.


When looking for an SEO agency don’t just listen to the #1 ranking spiel but ask what else they can offer your business.