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The holidays are around the corner and it is time to start your festive advertising. With Halloween winding down this usually means rummaging through storage looking for Christmas decorations, frantic trips to the shopping centre and stressed out party planning.


But for digital agencies, the festive season also means buckling down and implementing some holiday campaigns. It’s timely then, that Google has introduced new shopping ad features that might make your job easier. The new Showcase Shopping ads, which was introduced in 2016 to limited outlets is now available to all retailers.


This new feature allows retailers to advertise their products directly through Google search results. Rather than the usual CPC format of AdWords, Showcase Shopping ads are charged cost-per-engagement – that is, longer than 10 seconds upon clicking, or clicks to a product or link within the showcase.


So, how can you use this feature to your advantage for those busy holiday shoppers? With so many similar or identical products visually available in the same place price is a huge factor to decision-making. Because who willingly spends an extra $20 for the same product? Using Google’s Price Benchmark report allows you to view if your product is the lowest, allowing your outlet to become more competitive against similar retailers.


Happy Holiday advertising!