How to create fun size content to capture your audience

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In a fast-paced where almost everything happens instantaneously, consumers no longer have time or are interested in long-winded articles. Unless you provide the necessary information to your audience clearly and succinctly, there is a high chance that your page will be exited before the article’s halfway mark.


But how can I possibly relay so much information in such little time? That’s easy! Just get to the point.


No one wants to sift through 500 words of jibberish that can easily be said in 100 words. Here are three short but sure ways to keep your audience interested in what you have to say.


  1. Cut the bull


Edit your content and kill your darlings. That amazing paragraph you wrote that sounds good but holds no real information? Yup, kill it.


  1. Be strict


Give yourself a short and concise word limit and stick to it. Not only will this ensure that your articles aren’t too long but it will force you to put in only relevant and crucial information.


  1. The 5 W’s


This is one of the first lessons you learn as a writer: always include who, what, when, where and why. When writing your next article, make sure you include the 5 W’s in the first two paragraphs rather than scattered throughout to help you keep things short and sweet.