The future is calling: is Web 3.0 here?  

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It all started with the humble Web 1.0 when only big companies or organisations had websites and users were still figuring out how to navigate this new space. Web 2.0, what we are using saw a shift in user generated content and user engagement. The Internet has developed from a space of receiving information to giving it as well.

Just as Web 2.0 was the next phase in the Internet’s evolution as is Web 3.0 which some suggest is already here – arguably in its early stages. Because of this there are no clear definitions of what Web 3.0 exactly is but there are a few recurring elements:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • The semantic Web
  • Seamless connectivity

We’re already seeing a rise in artificial intelligence with tools such as Facebook’s shopping bots and Google is increasingly pushing for a greater understanding of semantic data.

So, what does Web 3.0 mean for SEO if anything at all? There’s no doubt that there will be a change in the way people search and receive their information and should the semantic Web develop context will be key in not only queries but also creating the response to those queries.

We’ve already mentioned how artificial intelligence and devices like digital personal assistants receive natural language searches and there’s no doubt that this trend will continue to increase with Web 3.0.