Google and Facebook lag in conversions? Yelp!

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When considering the digital approach for your business, two platforms are at the forefront of your mind; the search engine powerhouse Google and the social media pioneer Facebook. Both are widely used and widely known, so why wouldn’t they be your first choice?


A recent Nielsen survey commissioned by Yelp reveals that their site generates greater conversions than Google and Facebook. Out of 2,000 US participants 92% responded that they made purchases after visiting Yelp “at least sometimes, frequently or almost always.”


Yelp is an online platform that allows users to review businesses such as restaurants, shops, bars, salons, electricians or anything in between. The survey indicates that consumers that use review sites ranks Yelp to be the “most trusted, most influential and most useful” when considering their final purchasing decision.


Does this mean you abandon Google, Facebook and any other platforms you are using? Not at all, it simply means that you should be integrating Yelp into your current digital strategy. Small changes such as creating a Yelp profile make new and old customers aware of the new platform and encourage them to leave honest reviews.


While this survey was commissioned by Yelp themselves and should be taken with a grain of salt, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few proactive steps should the information be truer than expected.