Google releases mobile friendly measuring tool

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It’s no surprise to anyone that mobile usage in increasing and that mobile commerce is increasing so clearly it’s very important to have a mobile friendly site – but that is old news and not what we’re here to talk about.

We have written a few articles in the past that help build a mobile friendly site that is easy to navigate and to use but without consumer feedback it can be difficult to measure how successful any changes were… until now.

Google has recently launched a tool that allows users to measure the friendliness of their mobile site, and it is completely free! Simply type “mobile friendly” into Google and paste your site’s URL into the search result box that appears.

Google will then let you know if your site is mobile friendly or not, so there is really no excuse for not updating your site.

While this seems like just another feature that Google is providing businesses it is in fact part of a bigger picture. Next year Google is rolling out their mobile-first index and sites that are already mobile friendly will be given priority in this process.

So get ahead of the curve now and start making all those little and big changes that you keep procrastinating.