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How to change a nappy?


How to do your own tax?


How to fix a leaky tap?


There probably isn’t a single person that hasn’t typed in “How to…” into their Google search engine at point or another. It seems that Google agrees because they’ll be launching a site that not only reveals the most popular “how to” searches but also offers data based on these searches.


As someone that would rather find an answer online than seek help from a seasoned professional it comes as no surprise that “how to” searches have grown by 140% in the past 13 years. Gone are the days of walking into the local library or hardware store to looking for plumbing information, instead, we turn to our plethora of online experts to show us videos, tutorials and tips.


It turns out that in Australia the most common “how to” searches are:

  • How to fix a wall
  • How to fix a door
  • How to fix a window


But not all online searches are about home repairs! Some other popular searches from around the world include:

  • How to make pancakes
  • How to make money
  • How to lose weight
  • How to tell if a guy likes you
  • How to jump a car (we don’t recommend actually carrying out these instructions)


It’s not just fun tid-bits of relatable information that Google will be offering, it also breaks down seasonal variations, geographic variations and monthly variations amongst searches. So as a business consider what are your “how tos” and figure out how to use that to your advantage.