How to boost productivity in your workplace!

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Ultimately running a business is about achieving goals and getting results. Often there is the assumption that a rigidly structured work schedule and conformist work attitude is the best way to achieve these goals but this isn’t necessarily true.


As an employer it is easy to set 9-5 days with to-do lists for your team to complete but new studies indicate a strong correlation between creativity and productivity. If you find that motivation and work quality is declining amongst your staff this may be a sign that is it time to boost workplace creativity.


Surprisingly this isn’t as complex as it may seem and the changes can be as drastic or as minimal as you require.


If you feel that 2017 is the year to hit the reset button on your workplace environment then start with your physical space. Introducing aspects such as natural sunlight, potted plants and open-plan desks add life back to the dreaded fluorescent cubicles that encourage the humdrum work behaviours you want to abolish.


Sometimes it isn’t the office layout that preventing creativity from flowing, it’s the tediousness of daily routine. Nothing breeds lack of productivity more than a discouraged team who simply go through the motions. Encourage dispute within the workplace, discussion breeds new ideas and challenges staff members to consider other opinions and methods as well as develop their own. The best way to do this is through team brainstorming or problem solving sessions.


Risk taking should also be encouraged and rewarded, businesses rarely succeed by following the same plans as others. Allow your team members to try different things and experiment within their role. Not only will this keep monotony at bay but it can also lead to some great business ideas and tactics.


Don’t let your business get stuck in the corporate vortex, boost your creativity and productivity and get ahead of the game!