Influencers and SEO – a match made in heaven  

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It’s no secret that social media has opened up a new world of opportunity for marketing and e-commerce and whilst the platforms themselves are an extremely useful tool for any business and entrepreneur, one tool that is sometimes overlooked is the influencer.


Influencers are individuals on social media platforms who have gained a large following through their expertise or knowledge of certain interest/hobby groups. Normally social media influencers are used to sell a product or service that is specific to their following’s demographics.


However, this is not the only way to utilise an influencer to benefit your brand. As SEO becomes more competitive and building links becomes increasingly difficult, influencer marketing cannot only assist in your brand image and sales but also benefit your SEO through building links.


This is done through developing a campaign with your influencer, whether it is on Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Through this campaign, links to your site will be shared for the influencer’s following to access your brand.


The reason that influencers are such an effective tool, is the nature of the online community, acting as a forum for reviews and ideas, with the influencer leading the discussion.


Influencers are available for every industry and platform, so be creative with the resources that are available to you and your business.