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Just when you thought Instagram stories had all the features you needed to complement your feed they had to throw something new into the mix.

Existing Instagram story features include emojis, text, a writing tool, rewind recording, boomerang and filters to name a few.

And now there is a poll option, simply snap your Insta story, selection the poll editing option and ask your question to your entire Instagram audience. Simply post your story and wait for the responses to roll in with both you and your audience able to view responses in real-time.

If you’re just the average Instagram user then you may not have any pressing questions to ask your following but for social media influencers and brands this could prove extremely useful.

This new poll features provides an opportunity for brands to connect with their audience and receive their feedback in a fast and accessible way, potentially having the ability to bypass tedious and annoying consumer surveys.

For example, if you owned a local café and cannot decide on a new menu item, post a poll on your Instagram story. That way you’re getting real and honest feedback from your audience rather than relying on guesses.

The poll feature isn’t the only update that Instagram has rolled out either. A new centring feature has also been added to Instagram stories, which allows emojis and writing to be aligned evenly with a grid-like guide.

Start experimenting with these new features and see where it can take your business!