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Having a social media account for your business is almost compulsory in a market where almost everyone owns a smartphone and has at least Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But because it’s one of the most important marketing tools, these platforms are inundated with businesses all trying to stand out and grab their audience’s attention.


So how do you stay afloat in the Instagram sea? We’ve complied a few tip and tricks to use on your business’ Instagram page to keep your audience engaged and deliver them fresh and exciting content.



  1. Stay woke

Social media trends, jokes and memes change constantly, so it’s important to keep updated with everything that is happening from the light-hearted memes to huge social movements. Using these isn’t enough though, it’s about using trends well, so make sure you have a sound understanding of what the movement is and how to apply it to your business to avoid your posts looking awkward and clumsy.



  1. Influencers, influencers, influencers!

Do not underestimate the marketing tool that is social media influencers. Whether they are taking over your Instagram for the day or simply featuring your product or service (which of course your re-gram), social media influencers carry authority amongst their particular audiences. The trick is choosing the right influencer for your brand.



  1. Don’t hurt your eyes…

When uploading photos make sure to strategise. Although it seems like a good idea to post every picture that your business gets its hands on to post regularly, it’s so much more than that. Make sure your images are aesthetic and related to your business. Another helpful hint is to keep a uniform appearance to composition, colour and theme; this keeps things ‘on brand’.


Keep an eye on our blog posts for some big social media content coming up because SEO Premier is only just getting started.