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By Katreena Pevec

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Implementing an SEO campaign is one thing but actually analysing your results are a different story. While reporting to clients can be daunting it can also provide fresh insights and new ways to tackle SEO for improved results. Looking out for key metrics and noting their changes throughout different approaches provides a great framework for measuring your methods and its successes.


That’s a pretty obvious one considering most SEO goals are related to increasing site traffic through paid and organic methods. When measuring traffic it’s important to look past the homepage and consider other landing pages to monitor their performance for a well-rounded SEO approach


Keeping an eye on the click through rate (CTR) provides an indication of the site’s pages that are having the most success with searchers. If some pages are performing significantly better or worse than others consider how the approach for that page differs and tailor a strategy to combat this.


Another obvious one but no less important, conversions are a very tangible indication of whether an SEO campaign has been successful, have more customers called or bought things online? Or has their been a dip? While this could be a number of non-SEO related factors it is still a factor to consider when measuring the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. Obviously there are dozens of metrics that can be measured, analysed and compared but it would be almost impossible to keep an eye on everything, so focus on a few key metrics to look out for.


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