The major mistake small businesses make with SEO

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SEO is a valuable skill, for both individuals and businesses, especially for those businesses that wish to bring their brand to the digital forefront. There is a common understanding, particularly amongst business owners that SEO can be self-taught and whilst this is true to some extent, you can never really stop learning SEO.


Other than grasping the basic skills and a sound understanding of the practice, there are always new updates, processes, algorithms and penalties to be learned. A recent survey has indicated that small businesses ultimately lack the SEO knowledge necessary for a successful SEO campaign, a seemingly small mistake that can have major impacts on your business.


The survey showed the 21% of small business owners were unaware of the importance of blogging and content creation, 26% didn’t know the importance of on-site optimisation and an even greater 33% did not know the importance of technical SEO.


Whilst a gap in knowledge for a few different aspects of SEO doesn’t seem like a concern, these small gaps in knowledge can ultimately lead to penalised, suspended pages that have no rankings or conversions.


In order to better benefit your business and see real results from SEO, a professional SEO service is the best long-term, results driven option. SEO Premier not only aims to generate first-page rankings for clients but also analyse and implement strategies that lead to conversions.


Although it may seem like an unnecessary cost, it reaps long-term benefits for your digital marketing, especially if your business depends on e-commerce and digital brand awareness. Establishing a budget for your SEO costs can ensure that you are only spending what you can afford but also reap the rewards of the investment.


As a small business owner, knowledge gaps in SEO are common and understandable, it is almost impossible to continue learning and staying updated with the industry and run your business at the same time. Avoid the mistake of letting this knowledge gap affect your business and invest in a professional SEO agency to see real results.