Mary Meeker Report: Mobile, voice and Facebook advertising

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The highly anticipated Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report was recently released, providing all digital marketers with insights into current trends to look out for and latch onto.

Some trends featured in the report could be seen from a mile away, such as the increase of mobile advertising. Over five years, mobile advertising has increased 22% just in case you needed more evidence to work on your mobile pages and switch to AMP.

Another trend predicted by SEO and suggested in the 2017 report is the future of voice search. While we have mentioned before the importance of adjusting SEO to cater to voice search, it was found that almost 70% of Google Assistant voice searches were made using natural language and speech patterns rather than traditional text search.

What is unexpected is the rate of Facebook advertising growth. While Facebook is used heavily for social media marketing and off-page SEO, the rate at which advertising spend has increased by 62% from 2015-2016. This increased spend reflects Facebook’s new ad targeting options and their wide range of ad options.

Check out the full 2017 Meeker report which contains 155 pages of information, data and statistics that allow digital marketers to adapt their current strategies. We look forward to seeing how it will influence marketing trends over the next few months.