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A lot of changes are being made to Google’s AdWords but the Ad Rank rollout isn’t the only update that Google is making in this department. The latest development that Google has unveiled is the ‘Maximise Conversions’ option.

This new update allows businesses to change their AdWords bidding strategy using automated technology. While automated bidding on Adwords isn’t new, this type of bidding is.

Through selecting the ‘Maximise Conversions’ option users will be able to gain the most conversions possible for their budget. Bids are optimised for each bid and auction. This new function doesn’t have to be used at all times either, it’s a great way for online retailers to sell sale stock or to take advantage of a holiday shopping period such as Mother’s Day.

While getting the most out of your budget seems like the best option for your AdWords this isn’t always the case. Consider your goals and business before choosing how to bid for auctions to ensure that your business gets the most benefit from AdWords possible.