Meet Poly – Google’s sister

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Google is launching a free, new platform for all your 3D needs named Poly. A fun and playful branch of Google, Poly’s homepage features a bright pink 3D geometric shape surrounded by an underwater 3D treasure trove with tagline – “explore the world of 3D’”.

Users upload their designs to Poly for free download through Google’s Tilt Brush or Block tools. While Poly is ultimately designed for virtual and augmented reality developers that are building apps with virtuality reality development platforms, models can be accessed by anyone for now.

Poly models range from an animated cartoon riding a bike that shoots rainbows to animated apples. With animators flexing their…creative muscle there’s bound to be a model for everyone.

These 3D models can then be downloaded and used as is or further remixed to suit whatever platform or design is needed. For the less virtual reality and augmented reality inclined, these fun models can be turned into GIFs directly from Poly.

The project is still in it early stages and can now be used to search and download 3D models but Google is still in the process of further developing and expanding Poly and even if you have no interest of designing any VR it’s definitely worth a browse!