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With Mother’s Day around the corner it’s time to start planning that breakfast in bed, present, card…and your marketing strategy.


While you still have a few weeks till the first Sunday of May it’s a good idea to start planning your Mother’s Day marketing strategy in advance.


In order to actually make sales before Mother’s Day it’s important to start your Mother’s Day campaign at least two weeks in advance. We believe you’re better safe than sorry, so for better results, it is better to start mid-April. This way, customers will make be able to make purchases well in advance.


When marketing for Mother’s Day it’s important that you know who your target audience is. It could be a mother looking for present ideas or maybe a young child wanting to buy their grandmother a card, keep all these different factors in mind.


The product or service that you offer could determine your target demographic, for example, if you are offering luxury spa vouchers, target husbands or fathers shopping for their partner instead of children.


If your company sells homewares such as mugs then you have the option to appeal to a wider audience, for example, younger children that are shopping for their mother, grandmother or aunt.


Which brings us to the next point, Mother’s Day is a celebration of mother-like figures, so including advertising that is not mother specific but encompasses mother figures can go a long way in reaching a completely different audience.


Don’t let yourself get too caught up in planning a Mother’s Day marketing strategy, make sure to do something for the mother figure in your life.