Multiple sites to boost SEO – does it work?

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Using multiple websites for a single business is a pretty common SEO tactic, but the question is, does it work?



And like with almost every single SEO question, it depends.


There are both benefits and pitfalls of this practice and depending on how your SEO agency approaches this tactic there definitely could be more pros than cons.


So, how does it work? Different domain names are created which are normally variations of the original website with similar but differing content. If you’re a business that offers a vast range of products or services then this could be an extremely useful practice for you as it can connect you to the right consumers and reduce your bounce-back rate.


Another great benefit from multiple sites is the ability to increase Google real estate, particularly if you are in a smaller, more niche industry.


However, there are things to look out for when building multiple sites for one brand such as duplicate content. It’s a well known bad practice to use duplicate content on one website and its similar for other sites. While some duplicate content can be useful, ultimately it is important to ensure that content is unique and provides the reader with genuine information on each site.


So, if you’re thinking of building multiple sites then go for it! Just make sure you are taking the right approach and utilising the benefits to your advantage to minimise the pitfalls.