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Paid search ads can sometimes feel like a stab in the dark, yes you can choose the content and time of day but how do you know you’re targeting the people you need?


Well now you can make those search ads a bit more precise with Bing Ads. These new features are the In-Market Audiences (which is currently only available in the US) and Custom Audiences.


In-Marketed Audiences allows advertisers to access curated lists of individuals that have purchase intent for a product or service.


“Say you’re a travel site looking to target searchers who are ready to book a summer vacation. Bing Ads looks for people who are clicking on ads related to hotels and flights, searching for relevant vacation terms, or checking out hotel reviews, for example, and predicts whether these users are ready to buy.  Users identified as likely to purchase are included in the Travel & Tourism/Accommodations In-Market Audience, which you can associate to your ads.  Since you know these people are more likely to book a vacation, you could increase your bid, for example, to help you capture this valuable audience.”


Bing has made it all too easy for advertisers giving an opportunity to increase target audience awareness and conversions. Whilst there are only 14 In-Market audiences available there are more coming in the following months as this new feature is developed further.


Custom Audiences is the other new feature that Bing has launched globally which uses advertiser’s own customer data to generate a remarketing list. Some audiences that are available include: purchase history, tenure, renewal period, time since last purchase and customer referrals.


Although these new targeting tools are still in the pilot phase advertisers should be hoping they stay because it is bound to make reaching your target audience so much easier.