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It could be just me but it seems as though Pinterest is one of those platforms that has snuck up on us, it’s not a platform that you think you have use for until that fateful moment you sign up. Before you know it you have renovated your entire home with Pinterest hacks and re-organised your entire pantry by food category. It can really take over your life.


Rather than simply basking in their 150 million monthly users, it doesn’t seem like this ‘catalogue of ideas’ has any intentions of slowing down. Earlier this week they launched the beta phase of their visual search feature known as Lens. This feature is still in the testing phase, there is no doubt that it will not only change the way we search products but also the way in which we are marketed products.


Another change coming Pinterest’s way is their approach towards promoted content. The app has been known to be hesitant to integrate advertisements on their platform; however, this week will be featuring an expanded search ad. This new feature will allow paid ads to feature on the search results page, rather than just promoted pins from other users.


What is promising about this new feature is that Pinterest users have what is known as a discovery mindset, this means that they are open to trying and testing different brands. This provides advertisers with an encouraging marketing investment and challenges brands to advertise to suit the platform.


There’s no doubt that homeware stores, craft suppliers and everyone in between are clamouring to invest in this new stage of the Pinterest.