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Google post, a feature that was recently introduced in late 2016 is now officially available to all small businesses within select countries. For those that are not in America or Brazil where it is available, Google Post is a feature that allows users to create content directly on Google resulting in high search result rankings.

Available to those that use Google My Business (GMB), users are given the option to attach an image to their Post with a 300 word maximum description. Call to action options include learn more, buy, reserve, sign up and get offer to prompt consumers.

Posts are an easy way to advertise quick snippets of information such as daily promotions, discounts and deal but also upcoming events, top products and new arrivals. Google are hoping that making Posts more available will provide businesses with the opportunity to reach new and existing clients.

While Posts does not have a specific industry target businesses such as cafes and restaurants could particularly benefit due to ability to promote daily meal specials or seasonal events.

There is currently no data measuring the success of Posts but there is no doubt that should they prove successful we will soon start seeing it roll out internationally.