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It’s been a busy year for politics, global news and the entertainment industry and while we can agree that there have been highs and lows, it’s these moments that begin trending with people flocking to Google to find out more.


Each year Google releases their Top Charts for global and domestic searches in categories such as Searches, Global News, People and more. We’ve come up with our top picks for Google’s Top 10 based on all the craziness that 2017 has had to offer. Here’s our guess for each category, we’re betting that one of these will at least land Top 10.


Searches: Royal Engagement


Global News: Trump/Russia Collusion


People: Meghan Markle


Consumer Tech: iPhone X


Global Sporting Events: Fifa Qualifiers


Losses: Hugh Hefner


Movies: Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Musicians: Taylor Swift


TV Shows: Stranger Things


Each of these search terms have been the centre of media frenzies for positive and negative reasons and while there are still a few weeks left of the year, here’s to hoping nothing too crazy happens in the meantime.