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Siri has long been the market leader for voice command technologies from when it first appeared on iPhones but this may no longer be the case. With devices such as personal assistants becoming increasingly popular, so is the importance of developing voice command.


Not only have voice-controlled devices become more popular but also their manufacturers have become more varied with Google Home and Amazon Echo. Apple has now released their version of a digital personal assistant, the HomePod Speaker, lagging three years behind the Amazon Echo.


This three-year delay may have lead to Siri falling behind amongst competition but there are speculations that management changes, unambitious goals and continually changing strategies have all contributed to Siri’s lagging status in voice command.


With voice search being identified as one of the leading technological opportunities of the next decade, the race is more frantic and tougher than ever. But tech companies aren’t the only ones that should be considering the implications of voice command.


As digital personal assistants become more popular and available, so will the rise do voice command searches, presenting an opportunity for SEO practitioners to develop unique voice command strategies to boost their rankings.


The dawn of voice command devices is upon us and the competition is definitely starting to heat up.