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Sometimes an online presence isn’t enough to boost your SEO, traffic and brand awareness. A great way to maintain customer interest and increase traffic to your site is to consider e-commerce. But there is more than simply setting up an online store, we’ve compiled a list of the main factors to consider and develop when establishing your online store.




Easy navigation is important for any website but it is especially important for e-commerce. Difficult to find products and confusing layouts are the easiest way to deter potential customers from making purchase, so when developing your online store make sure that the format is clear and easy to navigate.




Category page content is usually placed at the beginning or end of a category page and provides a summary of the products sold. Most e-tailers list the brands and products offered by their business but that information is not enough for successful content. Consider information that is useful and informative for potential clients as this will improve SEO and user experience



Consumers are increasing their mobile purchases; so don’t neglect the benefits of a mobile compatible e-commerce store. Your m-commerce store should have different functions and features to the desktop. This includes AMP pages to speed up loading, larger font size for easier use and a simple, user-friendly format to maintain customer interest and reduce bounce-back rates.


Considering that more and more purchases are being made online, an e-commerce store for your business is one of the best updates that can be made. But before moving forward take into consideration the function and purposes of online shopping to get the best results possible.