Step aside YouTube – LinkedIn has arrived

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Producing and sharing videos is becoming an increasingly popular medium for individuals who want to share their opinion, thoughts and ideas with the wider community with YouTube being the go-to platform. However, LinkedIn has just been updated with its own video sharing option allowing all users the option to create and post their own videos.


Not only can videos be easily uploaded and shared from mobile devices but LinkedIn is also providing an analytics feature allowing video producers to track data such as job titles and location of viewers.


While LinkedIn may not have the audience the 1 billion-user audience of YouTube it does allow for more targeted content sharing.


Whilst YouTube is currently saturated with a wide variety of content from gardening to gaming, LinkedIn will assist users in cutting through the noise and getting to a more targeted audience. Providing the opportunity for professionals to upload anything from video resumes to industry news, LinkedIn users now have another tool to share their knowledge and create discussion.


If you are looking to try out this new feature keep in mind that the roll out is paced over several weeks but be prepared so start seeing some new and exciting content on your LinkedIn feed in the coming weeks.