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It’s time for another SEO Premier monthly roundup! This month we’ve seen updates from previously covered news stories and some interesting bits of data come out.

Scroll down for this month’s roundup of fake news, Google personal assistants and more.

Google takes on Fake news

The war against fake news continues in April with Google now taking charge. In order to demote fake news stories on their search engine they have adjusted ranking signals, allocated a team of search quality raters, provided direct feedback tools and increased their transparency. According to a Google spokesperson, fake news is currently their “most high profile” issue.

Facebook embraces the news

Considering the rocky relationship that Facebook has had with news this past years, it’s surprising to hear that they will be increasing the amount of ‘related articles’ that appear on users timelines. Much like Google, Facebook has attempted to stomp out fake news stories that have been making their way onto the social media platform, maybe this is part of their strategy?


Time to jump on the personal assistant bandwagon

Earlier this month we discuss the potential that personal assistants possess for brand advertising and the time to act is now. Google has increased the number of ‘actions’ or commands available through Google Home, presenting the opportunity for advertisers to get a bit more creative with their advertisements. Brands can engage with their users through understanding how these actions turn into search results or responses.

Go shopping with Bing

Perhaps in an attempt level the playing with the competition, Bing has now released a new Merchant Promotions feature. This feature allows product images and the corresponding link to appear on the top of the results page. Sounds a little similar to another search engine… The Merchant feature is only in the initial stages of its roll out in the United States so it’s too soon to tell how users will embrace it.

Be sure to check out the rest of SEO Premier’s April blogs for anything that you’ve missed in this month’s news stories! Until next month…