Three programmatic trends that will dominate 2017

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  1. Cross-device campaigns

Remember the good old days when you had a desktop computer? That is definitely not the case anymore. Devices range from computers, laptops, mobile phones and now there’s even watches!

It’s no wonder that cross-device campaigns are gong to be huge this year… especially since individuals check their phones approximately 40 times per day. Ensure that your advertisement is accessible to a large variety of devices to ensure that you are penetrating as many platforms as possible.

Another option is to tailor different advertisement campaigns to be specifically suitable for mobile or desktop devices.

  1. Header bidding

Header bidding refers to an improved process in which ads can be bought and sold directly. This process allows publishers to receive better value for impressions and provides more equal footing because unlike the waterfall process, it is not dependent on the size of the buyer.

In 2017, header bidding will become even more accessible to users and safe to say it will be the preferred technique of publishers and advertisers.

  1. Deep learning

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce, that is a known fact, however, another trend that will sweep through 2017 is the use of machines to learn based on algorithms that is used in programmatic advertising.

Deep learning will prove to be extremely beneficial to advertisers as it will be able to predict user behaviour, calculate the probability of purchasing and measure value.

There are high expectations that this machine-learning algorithm will lead to higher conversions and improve advertising campaigns.

Written by Katreena Pevec