Top 3 SEO agency red flags

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SEO is important, that is something that most businesses can agree upon, but because of how quickly the industry is changing it can be almost impossible to keep up.


Rather than letting SEO suffer by trying to operate in-house most businesses will invest in an SEO agency to get the job done, but how do you find the right SEO fit? We’ve come up with the top three red flags you should be looking out for when hiring an SEO agency.



SEO is very much a marathon, not a sprint, so any agency promising quick results is most likely taking shortcuts that can harm your business in the long run. If an agency is promising quick results, ask them the methods they use to achieve this and decide if it aligns with your business goals and values.




Communication is key to any agency relationship and SEO agencies are no different. Ensure that you find an agency that promptly responds to questions but also listens to your ideas and goals. An immediate red flag is a lagging response time for an initial consultation.



Whether it’s a casual coffee meeting or a formal presentation, a pitch can tell a lot about a business. Are they able to adequately address questions and concerns? And do they provide an actual framework for how the end-goal is achieved? A pitch also provides an indication of the standard of work an agency will provide as it is a reflection of their quality.


But at the end of the day it is important to trust your instinct, no one knows your business and its perfect fit better than you. So trust you gut but keep a criteria in mind for making your final decision.