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There’s no better feeling than venting your frustration to the world but sometimes that Twitter character limit can really get you down. Sometimes expressing your morning commute annoyance or the latest political fiasco can be difficult with only 140 letters or symbol. You’re not the only one.


While Twitter’s stance was that a character limit encouraged users to be more creative with their posts they seem to be singing a new song. The Twitter character limit has officially been doubled to a whopping 280 characters following a test that was run September this year.


The first few days of the test saw users taking advantage of the extra space to write 280 character-long Tweets, however, this eventually slowed down with most Tweets returning to the 140 character or less length. So get too concerned with reading overly long rants, with only 5% of Tweets actually being longer than the previous 140 limit.


What Twitter did find however, was that there was greater engagement with this added wiggle room with increased mentions, like and retweets. People were also spending more time on Twitter with during the test as a result of the greater character length.


Get your fingers ready because there’s so much to say but so little time!