How to write the best SEO report ever

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Whilst it may seem like that greatest challenge of an SEO agency is providing results to your clients, the way these results are delivered can be just as significant. Without correct communication, data and statistics can easily be lost in jargon. We’ve written a useful checklist for how to write the best SEO report so your client knows exactly how they’re performing without any hidden information.


Not all clients would necessarily be interested in improving their rankings, so why should this be at the beginning of your report? Start the report with their main priorities and goals, even if this changes monthly. This way, they are able to quickly and easily find exactly what they need, straight away.

Cut the jargon

SEO terminology sometimes only really makes sense to those in the industry, so don’t waste your client’s time with complicated lingo that they aren’t interested in. Of course jargon is important when presenting data but avoid confusing terms when writing any rationales.

Make recommendations

Rather than simply reporting on your clients results assist them further by providing recommendations for future improvements. If your client is not seeing results be proactive and find the solutions yourself without them coming to ask, not only will they appreciate this initiative but it increases business for your firm.

Investing in SEO can be expensive but necessary, so make your clients feel like their investment is worthwhile by providing the most comprehensive service possible from the behind the scenes work to the reports.