Yahoo speaks out over Mozilla split  

By Katreena Pevec

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When news broke about the Mozilla-Yahoo split late November it was clear that Mozilla’s wandering eye for Google was the reason for the premature breakup. Their subsequent press releases and statements wrote the narrative for the split with no word from Yahoo. Until now. Unlike Mozilla, Yahoo didn’t release a statement to the press regarding their split, but they did make a statement…a huge one. Nothing quite says bitter ex like a lawsuit and that’s exactly what Yahoo did. Yahoo’s parent company Verizon sued Mozilla earlier this week for a breach of contract. Verizon is also seeking damages for the loss of business that has resulted from the split and are demanding that Mozilla rescind the termination, which isn’t going over well. Mozilla responded to the lawsuit with a countersuit as they claim they were within their contractual obligations to terminate their relationship and claims that Yahoo failed to retain the quality of the search engine during their years of partnership. As of now no decisions have been made with a hearing scheduled for February but this messy breakup just goes to show that you can’t be friends with an ex.


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