Tweet your heart out

There’s no better feeling than venting your frustration to the world but sometimes that Twitter character limit can really get you down.

Snapchat loses its snapstreak

When Snapchat became public earlier this year, they closed the market 44% higher than their initial IPO of $17 to $24.48 but it appears that this high hasn’t lasted very long for Snap Inc. It’s now 8 months since their successful breakout onto the markets and things seem to have gone downhill.

The Snap streak of Wall Street

Forget Jordan Belfort! Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy have finally arrived. The co-founders of the popular app Snapchat have finally made their company public by placing it on the New York Stock Exchange.

Top 3 mistakes marketers make when investing in influencers

The rise of the ‘influencer’ has been significant in the past few years as bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers are becoming increasingly popular vehicles for brand advertisement. These influencers are not models or actors but rather everyday people who have gained a following on their respective platform based on specialised skills or expertise knowledge.