Our prediction for 2017’s most Googled  

It’s been a busy year for politics, global news and the entertainment industry and while we can agree that there have been highs and lows, it’s these moments that begin trending with people flocking to Google to find out more.

Livin la vida Fred

Remember Fred? That elusive and mysterious Google update that was never really confirmed or denied earlier this year?

Google releases mobile friendly measuring tool

It’s no surprise to anyone that mobile usage in increasing and that mobile commerce is increasing so clearly it’s very important to have a mobile friendly site – but that is old news and not what we’re here to talk about.

Google penalty bounce back

While we all try hard to be good at what we do, the fact of the matter is that everyone makes mistakes. Whether it’s a Google update that you’ve missed or you just slipped up, penalties are bound to happen. But what do you do once those penalties occur?

What the Fred?

Who is Fred and why has he decided to suddenly creep into my website?

Google slightly bruised and mildly battered in recent court case

Google is no stranger to court cases, some ruling in their favour, others, not so much. In June 2016, the search engine giant was sued by e-ventures Worldwide LLC, for de-indexing several of their websites. The problem arises from the fact that Google actioned this through an anonymous tip, from an unknown, unverified source.