Is the time of voice search officially here?

With digital assistant sales increasing by a huge 103% in the last year it is safe to say that smart speakers are soon surpassing their trend status and becoming staples in the everyday home.

The top 3 SEO buzzwords of 2018

With 2017 coming to a close it’s time to start looking to the New Year to make resolutions and come up with new strategies. Not just your strategy for eating healthier, getting more active or meditating but your SEO strategy as well! To get an idea of what 2018 will hold for SEO we’ve compiled a list of the top three buzzwords that will influence how you should be strategizing.

Key metrics to keep your eye on

Implementing an SEO campaign is one thing but actually analysing your results are a different story. While reporting to clients can be daunting it can also provide fresh insights and new ways to tackle SEO for improved results.

Top 3 SEO agency red flags

SEO is important, that is something that most businesses can agree upon, but because of how quickly the industry is changing it can be almost impossible to keep up.

Your user-generated weapon

Regardless if you’re booking a Christmas holiday, upgrading your car or even trying out a new restaurant, your Path to Purchase always stays the same. You become aware, you deliberate your options, make a decision and then evaluate your decision.

How to make your blogs boost your SEO rankings

Blogs are a great way to share the latest news, tips and information to your audience. They give your brand an opportunity to flex its creative muscles and can even help with SEO. But writing a blog post for SEO isn’t as simple as getting content online.

The future is calling: is Web 3.0 here?  

It all started with the humble Web 1.0 when only big companies or organisations had websites and users were still figuring out how to navigate this new space. Web 2.0, what we are using saw a shift in user generated content and user engagement.