Yahoo speaks out over Mozilla split  

When news broke about the Mozilla-Yahoo split late November it was clear that Mozilla’s wandering eye for Google was the reason for the premature breakup. Their subsequent press releases and statements wrote the narrative for the split with no word from Yahoo. Until now.

Last minute Black Friday campaigns for your store

The shopping season is now upon us with Black Friday and Cyber Monday finally kicking off. As consumers we convince ourselves that our Black Friday splurge is in fact Christmas shopping for friends and family when in actuality, 90% of purchases are for me, myself and I.

Post it with Google

Google post, a feature that was recently introduced in late 2016 is now officially available to all small businesses within select countries. For those that are not in America or Brazil where it is available, Google Post is a feature that allows users to create content directly on Google resulting in high search result rankings.

Instagram throws paid posts into the spotlight

Social media marketing is crucial to almost any business, whether it’s advertisement or digital brand awareness. One of the most popular methods for brands to advertise on platforms such as Instagram is to use social media influencers.

Siri-ous news for Siri  

Siri has long been the market leader for voice command technologies from when it first appeared on iPhones but this may no longer be the case. With devices such as personal assistants becoming increasingly popular, so is the importance of developing voice command.

Spring clean your e-commerce  

Sometimes an online presence isn’t enough to boost your SEO, traffic and brand awareness. A great way to maintain customer interest and increase traffic to your site is to consider e-commerce.

Finding the SEO agency for you

Managing your own SEO and your own business at the same time can be impossible, especially at the rate that SEO is changing and developing. Investing in an SEO agency is a decision that may have short-term costs but the ultimate benefits are far more long-term.

Google and Facebook lag in conversions? Yelp!

When considering the digital approach for your business, two platforms are at the forefront of your mind; the search engine powerhouse Google and the social media pioneer Facebook. Both are widely used and widely known, so why wouldn’t they be your first choice?

The SEO flavours of the month

It is no secret that SEO is one of those industries that will never stop changing and no matter how hard you try to keep up; there is always something new around the corner. With continual Google updates, changing patterns of digital behaviours and new technology, it can be impossible to keep track of it all.

The Ad Rank roll out

Honestly, it’s starting to get a bit difficult to keep up with the powerhouse that is Google. Once again the search engine has rolled out changes to the AdWords Ad Rank thresholds.